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Remedial Massage in Chatswood, Sydney.  Ease Your Sore Muscles and Relax

If you are suffering from sore and stiff muscles then our remedial massage in Chatswood can help you. At Healing Hands Sydney, we offer natural health therapies that work to heal your body. Providing remedial massage in Sydney we offer a range of remedial massage treatments to suit your individual needs. All of our therapists are highly trained professionals who will ensure that you leave our Sydney remedial massage clinic feeling refreshed.

About our Remedial Massage Therapy Treatments

Remedial massage therapy is a natural health treatment to release chronic and acute tension from your body. Remedial massage uses trigger point therapy focused on your skeletal muscles. Using a combination of deep pressure and slow strokes to your muscle tissues the tension in your body will begin to fade. After a treatment from our remedial massage therapists based in Chatswood, you will feel your body moving with increased ease again. Remedial massage can also be a relaxing experience leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on life again.

Remedial Massage Therapy Benefits

Remedial massage therapy offers great benefits to your body. Our massage therapists based in Chatswood can help your body to release built up tension and to relax. Remedial massage treatments will relax and relieve your body from pain and discomfort and increase blood flow. Remedial massage improves your body to move efficiently & aids your skeletal muscles. It is important for your body to drain toxicity of the lymphatic system and remedial massage therapy assists this process. With regular remedial massage treatments, you will find that your muscles healing and recovery time is increased. This increased recovery time will enhance your bodies performance and even recruit the growth of more muscles.

Is Remedial Massage Right For Me?

Remedial massage is a great therapy option for anyone who wants to have their muscles relaxed. If you have aching muscles then our remedial massage therapy can work that tension out of your body. Remedial massage can be incorporated into your monthly health plan and can assist in recovery time after a gym workout. No matter how active your lifestyle or the type of work you do each day remedial massage can help your muscles to feel soft and renewed. Remedial massage treatment can also provide a relaxing experience for you and your muscles to release all of the built up stress and tension that happens in life.

Our Highly Trained Chatswood Remedial Massage Therapists

At Healing Hands Sydney, we offer professional remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage is effective in muscle rehabilitation and essential for anyone suffering from aches and pains. Our remedial massage treatments are a relaxing experience where your muscles are massaged to alleviate the tension and build-up of lymphatic toxicity.


At Healing Hands Sydney, we offer a variety of remedial massage treatments in Sydney. In addition to offering remedial massage, we also offer more specialised remedial massage treatments such as:


  • Swedish massage

  • Chinese massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage massage

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Sports massage

  • Acupressure massage


Our highly trained therapists will be able to advice on the right remedial massage treatment for you. Your muscles will feel renewed after one of our remedial massage treatments in Chatswood at our Sydney clinic.

Chatswood remedial massage can assist you to release built up tension from your body.  If you are seeking a remedial massage therapist based in Chatswood then Healing Hands Sydney is the place for you. At Healing Hands Sydney, we will work with you one on one to create the right remedial massage treatment for you. Contact us to book a consultation with one of our qualified massage therapists at Chatswood Remedial Massage.

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