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Patellar Tendonitis / Knee Pain


Have you ever had a sore knee, Just underneath your kneecap?.(Tendon underneath your kneecap) You could be suffering from

‘Patella Tendonopathy’, this is a common injury amongst athletes and active people.

This problem occurs when your knee is not in the right alignment, and therefore your patella tendon is hard at work trying to keep your leg straight. Over time your patella will get irritated and cause discomfort, which will hinder your knee.


Decreasing Symptoms

Tight Poppliteus, this is a muscle in the back of your knee, which is responsible of rotating the knee. During your injury this muscle in your body will tighten and if not spasm, which will create an unnecessary rotation of the knee.

Find a tight nodule or a dull pain behind your knee, and press it for 10-20sec, and release. Repeat this until you feel the muscle is looser


Tight ITB Band. As one of your legs is misaligned, your lateral muscle(outside muscle) will try and compensate also. The ITB band is a muscle that will tighten without your knowledge/awareness and overtime, it will pull your knee to the outside as well.

Get a foam roller, and roll your ITB band on it, find a sore spot and stay on it for 10-20sec


Activating your VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique)

Strengthening your VMO could help you balance your muscle that could be pulling on your ITB band.

As you sit upright, just focus isolating your VMO muscle to activate it, and see if you can hold the tension for 30sec, repeat 10x a day.


Misguided View

Flat feet syndrome, this is not usually the root cause of your patella tendonitis, and a lot of therapist usually refer to this. If you are genetically born with flat feet, your body will cope and adapt to that alignment during your growing process, so your alignment will adapt accordingly.

Before spending money for insoles or spending hundreds of dollars for custom orthotics, try releasing some of the muscle listed above, and getting your hips aligned.

For more information, book a session and let us treat you

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