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Posture, Part one.

In our lives these days, most of us are spending more time in front of the computers more then what our body can handle. Which has slowly resulted to a bad posture and sore back, neck and shoulders, and we are of the mindset of also, getting others to fix the problem, or taking some medication to relieve the pain.

Did you know posture has a big implication on your skeletal muscle and the balance of your muscle groups?

One group of muscle does not have to overwork to keep you upright, while the other eventually turns off.

The symptoms of bad posture can result in shortness of the neck, rounded shoulders, shortness of your hip flexors, and your core being switched off which makes your spine more vulnerable in other activities.


What is the right posture?

By finding a wall and you can do the following to reset your posture.


Exercises to maintain posture / Decrease Symptoms

There are certain exercises you can do (illustrated below) in this article of part one, that will counter act the symptoms of a bad posture. It will help your skeletal structure to be upright, and hold them in place.

Some exercises to strengthen certain muscles to maintain and stabilise posture

External Rotators

20x reps, 2 sets

With a resistance band anchored onto a wall. Ensuring your shoulder blades are locked in the back, and your elbows are always next to your rib.

Focus on pulling the resistance band away from the wall.

You should feel a burn inside of your shoulder capsule.

Lat Pulldowns

20x reps, 2 sets

Using the resistance bands, start with your arms straight at the top holding the resistance bands. As you pull down, focus on using your lats, and getting your shoulder blades depressed. This will help your lower traps.


20x reps, 2 sets

Having a resistance bands around your feet as anchor. As you pull back the resistance bands, make sure you are upright, as you row back, try aiming to get your shoulder blades pinching together at the back.

This will help your shoulder blades to be kept back

Scapular pull backs

20x reps, 2 sets

With your arm straight, and palms facing up in front of you. Pull the resistance band towards your body, therefore pinching your shoulder blades back together.

This will help your shoulder blades to be kept back

External Rotators

20x reps, 2x sets

With your elbow extended out, and in front of you holding the resistance band. Try pulling the resistance band back so your fist is facing the ceiling.

It is important to have your shoulder blades

locked into place for this to be effective, and concentrate on moving your shoulder capsule.


If you have problems finding resistance bands, Healing Hands Sydney sells them for $6/piece, so you can get started and strengthen your postural muscle and help you be pain free. Come and see us in store.


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